Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Family!

Sooooo this past week seemed to go by really slow I dont know why. Its not like things are sucking here it just feels like forever since I have emailed. But this past week was pretty good. It definitely sucks leaving Vacaville because i really like it there. Its hard getting transferred and having to start all over with investigators, ward, missionaries just everything. This area is pretty sweet though.. We are not in much of the ghetto as I wanted. Vallejo is just outside here which is the ghetto. We get to go there though because we cover part of it and our dinners are in Vallejo sometimes. its pretty sweet.

I got to teach my first district meeting last week and it went pretty good. I was really nervous going into it because I studied for it I just wasnt sure what I was giong to do for it but somehow it all worked out. District meeting didnt really go the way I planned it at all.. the spirit took it away. It was defintiley a life saver. I have to teach again tomorrow and im not sure how that is going to turn out either because I  havent really had time to figure it out. hopefully I have a good study in the morning tomorrow. I love my District though. Elder Bezzant is in my District and he is from Brighton. Super sweet kid. My District does work though now me and my companion Elder Gunther need to do work. He is a cool kid. He is from Germany so he has a way thick accent so he is way hard to understand sometimes so ill just nod my head haha. Oh and I went to my first leadership meeting with the mission and i felt so out of place.. hahaha

We have these 2 investigators named Sheldon and Johndale. First wish Sheldon.. Sheldon is like 60 something and is in a wheelchair because he was hit by a car. He has been meeting with missionaries for about 25 years.. nobody knows why he hasnt been baptized haha but he is getting close I believe! We tried setting a date but he wouldnt because his family lives way by Oregon and isnt sure how to get them here or if he can get baptized there but we had a way cool thing happen the other day when we taught him. We had a baptism in the Zone and we wanted Sheldon to go. The mission has taught us to invite people to ordinances. So we got there and taught him and invited him to the baptism and he said I cant its too short of a notice and I just cant.. I knew he was coming up with excuses buti didnt say anything. I dont remember exactly how the conversation went but he started talking about church and the feeling he gets there. Then i told him "You will have that feeling again if you come to the Baptism. Baptism is the most Sacred Ordinance outside the Temple. What would be holding you back from feeling that? If Christ was here and asked you to go what would you say? We represent him" Those are some of the things I said to him (those are skills we have been taught recently) and he got out of his chair and went and changed super fast and we were able to barely make it to the baptism. That was his first one he has seen and he has been meeting with missionaries for 25 years. It was soooooooooooooo cool!! He LOVED it. Came to church and told the bishop how much he loved it. Such a great experience. Hoepfully we can set a date soon.

Johndale is an unbaptized child. He is 10 years old and has a date for June 1. He understands the lessons when we teach him but when we go back another time he forgets but last time he remembered everything. So that is giong well! His mom is LA but she has been coming to church with him so im super excited about all of it.

Those are basically our only investigators so were trying to FIND FIND FIND. Thats basically everything new with me.

Im glad to hear everything is going well. Its kinda hard for me to believe that grandpa is now in assisted living.. thats so weird to think. Poor guy.. I hope things go well for him there. :(   Tell Heather congratulations for me!! Thats way cool. I'm sure trenton wishes he could be there.. haha so weird how much goes on during the mission.

Well I love you all soooo much! I keep you guys in my prayers everyday. When life gets too hard to stand.... Kneel :) Keep that in mind I know it will help you guys in all that you do. Tanner out.

320 American Canyon Road APT #E

American Canyon, CA (you will have to find the zip code.. sorry!) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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