Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Family!

Sooooo this past week seemed to go by really slow I dont know why. Its not like things are sucking here it just feels like forever since I have emailed. But this past week was pretty good. It definitely sucks leaving Vacaville because i really like it there. Its hard getting transferred and having to start all over with investigators, ward, missionaries just everything. This area is pretty sweet though.. We are not in much of the ghetto as I wanted. Vallejo is just outside here which is the ghetto. We get to go there though because we cover part of it and our dinners are in Vallejo sometimes. its pretty sweet.

I got to teach my first district meeting last week and it went pretty good. I was really nervous going into it because I studied for it I just wasnt sure what I was giong to do for it but somehow it all worked out. District meeting didnt really go the way I planned it at all.. the spirit took it away. It was defintiley a life saver. I have to teach again tomorrow and im not sure how that is going to turn out either because I  havent really had time to figure it out. hopefully I have a good study in the morning tomorrow. I love my District though. Elder Bezzant is in my District and he is from Brighton. Super sweet kid. My District does work though now me and my companion Elder Gunther need to do work. He is a cool kid. He is from Germany so he has a way thick accent so he is way hard to understand sometimes so ill just nod my head haha. Oh and I went to my first leadership meeting with the mission and i felt so out of place.. hahaha

We have these 2 investigators named Sheldon and Johndale. First wish Sheldon.. Sheldon is like 60 something and is in a wheelchair because he was hit by a car. He has been meeting with missionaries for about 25 years.. nobody knows why he hasnt been baptized haha but he is getting close I believe! We tried setting a date but he wouldnt because his family lives way by Oregon and isnt sure how to get them here or if he can get baptized there but we had a way cool thing happen the other day when we taught him. We had a baptism in the Zone and we wanted Sheldon to go. The mission has taught us to invite people to ordinances. So we got there and taught him and invited him to the baptism and he said I cant its too short of a notice and I just cant.. I knew he was coming up with excuses buti didnt say anything. I dont remember exactly how the conversation went but he started talking about church and the feeling he gets there. Then i told him "You will have that feeling again if you come to the Baptism. Baptism is the most Sacred Ordinance outside the Temple. What would be holding you back from feeling that? If Christ was here and asked you to go what would you say? We represent him" Those are some of the things I said to him (those are skills we have been taught recently) and he got out of his chair and went and changed super fast and we were able to barely make it to the baptism. That was his first one he has seen and he has been meeting with missionaries for 25 years. It was soooooooooooooo cool!! He LOVED it. Came to church and told the bishop how much he loved it. Such a great experience. Hoepfully we can set a date soon.

Johndale is an unbaptized child. He is 10 years old and has a date for June 1. He understands the lessons when we teach him but when we go back another time he forgets but last time he remembered everything. So that is giong well! His mom is LA but she has been coming to church with him so im super excited about all of it.

Those are basically our only investigators so were trying to FIND FIND FIND. Thats basically everything new with me.

Im glad to hear everything is going well. Its kinda hard for me to believe that grandpa is now in assisted living.. thats so weird to think. Poor guy.. I hope things go well for him there. :(   Tell Heather congratulations for me!! Thats way cool. I'm sure trenton wishes he could be there.. haha so weird how much goes on during the mission.

Well I love you all soooo much! I keep you guys in my prayers everyday. When life gets too hard to stand.... Kneel :) Keep that in mind I know it will help you guys in all that you do. Tanner out.

320 American Canyon Road APT #E

American Canyon, CA (you will have to find the zip code.. sorry!) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Hey Family!

This past week wasn't too bad. I was struggling a little bit with grandma passing and I had a hard time doing the work and staying focused. Then I got a thought that passed through my head that said "If grandma sees me struggling because she is gone she would be so hurt." So i decided that I was going to change that and make her proud. I know she is in a better place where she will not be in anymore pain. It really is a blessing that we will all be resurrected. Grandma will have a perfect body where she wont have any of the problems she had before. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and for all that he did so that we all can be resurrected and death is NOT the end whatsoever,     On Sunday we had 2 of our investigators come to church. You guys are gonna get a kick out of what happened but first there is this girl we are teaching who is 14 years old. She is in a part member family and her parents are less active and her brother is taking lessons from the YSA Sister missionaries and now were teaching this girl. Her name is Roweena. She has been through a lot with her famliy and has now come to church 2 times in a row. We were on exchanges and i wasnt here but they had a super sweet lesson with her at a members house. We are going to try to set something up soon and get to teach her. The other guy that came is named Jim. Jim talked to us awhile ago and brought up some concerns and I told him lets solve those concerns so he took us into his home and taught him and his wife barbara. They didnt come to church last week but he came this week. Heres the kicker.. he got up in testimony meeting!!!!!!! He got up and said how he wasnt part of the faith but he was there because of the missionaries AKA us :) but anyway one of his concerns is blacks and the priesthood back in the day, but when he got up he saw a black guy in the congregation and said im grateful to see a black guy here!! hahahaha This african american is a less active member who we taught earlier that week and committed to church. What a coincidence right!!!?? hahahaha soooooo funny. All the other testimonies after Jim were about racism and women because another concern was he wanted more women in leadership. He left right after sacrament but were seeing him on Wed and seeing how he liked it. It was soooo funny though. Everybody came up to us and talked to us about it. It made testimony meeting very different and interesting.. kinda like when we all started standing up to sing the national anthem that one testimony meeting at home hahahaha gosh i love those moments. Thats basically the highlight to my week.

Now with Crystal.. she has been acting super weird lately. We were supposed to teach her at a baptism other missionaries were having and she didnt show up. We called and her step dad said she went shopping.. we were like uhh whhaa?? ok... haha but were gonna try to meet with her soon to find out her concerns and everything.

We picked up a couple new investigators. One really great guy named James who is african american and LOVED the restoration. We learned this new skill of having peple read the first vision and not us tell them so he read it and i asked how he felt and he said how unbelievable and undescribable it was. You could definitely feel the spirit even though we were on his driveway. He wants to meet with us at the end of the week and head out to lunch to learn more.

Sooo mom to answer your question. I only have a couple people actually handwriting me like Madalie, Marlies and like 2 others you dont know but a lot email me now. I am emailing tyler gee, grant garry, cody rogers, meagan mitchell, trenton, rachel corlett, aubree pearson, hannah belnap, zach farnworth, ryan head, adam maxwell, madi bernson, jordan tuckfield i think there is a couple more but yeah i keep in touch with a lot. What is cole morgans email?? thats sweet you see madalies mom at costco she is so cool.

I have some good news... I will be skyping you guys this weekend!!!!!!! I'm not sure what time or anything so i think ill have to give you guys a call after church to inform you the plan but im not exactly sure. I will get a hold of you guys sometime Sunday after 2 our time to let you know whats going down. I cant wait!!!!!!!!

Thats soooooooo sweet walkers got dirt bikes. Im definitely getting a motorcycle when i get home!!! Just sayin so be prepared to buy me one dad :).

We figure out transfer information on Friday.. so i will be letting you guys know what ends up happening to me on sunday when i skype you. Im not quite sure what I wanna do.. I want to stay ebcause i love this ward soo much but i think its time for me to go. We will see what the Lord wants from me.

Well... Not much more to say. Thank you soooo much for everything. I hope you are all doing better. I know this is really hard, but just know that our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and grandma DO NOT want us to be sad.. If were sad it only hurts them. I love you all sooooooooooo much. Head up. Push through life. Eternal Life waits ahead :). Talk to you all on Sunday!!! Peace out bros!!!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Whats up Sandy, Utah!!! AKA Best family ever!!!!!

Elderrrrr Howell here in the family history center. This past week was prettyyyy good! 

I just wanna say that Grandma Howell is a fighter... she is in my prayers and i hope all goes well for her soon! Keep fighting grandma i love you sooo much!!

Mommmmm it sounds like this young womens thing is gonnna be sick for you! I love it! You got to go to the temple and do some baptisms that is sweet! i hope you still have the calling when I get home because I wanna come teach the class with you hahaha. 
I have no idea whats going on on mothers day yet. They havent quite told us I think it will just be a phone call but im not sure. Whatever it is im defintely looking forward to it! Miss you all so much! Can you believe I got my call almost a year ago? I cant remember when i got it but i believe I got it in May. but who knows.. my memory is terrible for some reason haha. I think I got it from my momma ;) hahaha 
Dad it sounds like you finally have to do yard work by yourself.. hallelujah. I was so unselfish and helped you wayy too much hahahah jk i know i needed to help more :( ill be better when i come home :)
Brayton I love you bro keep up the good work bro!! :) Love you so much!
Justin I love you man glad to hear all is going well thank you for everything!
Thank you for being the best family EVER!!!!!

Soooooo anyway about this past week. It was pretty sweet! Yesterday Crystal was able to attend church!! Yeahhhhhhhh buddy! As far as we know she liked it. The ward was soo welcoming to her it was sick! She is still struggling with her family and smoking but i know the Lord is blessing her so much lately. I love this work and watching people change. Its impossible to deny this church when you see these things happen. Hopefully she can get baptized by her date!

We have learned a ton of different things to help us become better missionaries and I have tried putting them to use but its sooo hard haha. I pray that I will be able to make these things my strengths and bring more of God's children closer to Him :)

The other day we had a way interesting experience. We had an appointment set with some random lady and we went and of course she wasnt there. We were about to leave when a lady came outside and said "hey guys" were like  "heyyy.." haha then she just broke down and we were like uh oh.. whats going on. She told us that she is an alcoholic and that she hates herslef sooo much. It was probably the worst thing i have ever heard somebody say about themselves.. it was so sad! So we offered a prayer for her and it meant so much to her. After the prayer she just went inside and broke down.. we havent been able to see her since then to see how she was doing but it was NUTS.. we didnt know what to do after she walked inside.

I think i told you about Brenda and Esmiralda. The 17 year old twins we have been teaching. They havent made it to chruch again but we had an appointment and Brenda told us she felt the spirit when she was reading the Book of Mormon! She thinsk its true but isnt sure haha idk why she is still questioning! She felt the spirit!! We asked if theyd be baptized and they said yes but we were unable to set a date with them. They werent sure yet. Hopefully we will be able to set a date with them soon. I wish they would come to church! But they say they always have something going on.. but thats gonna change :)

We were able to get Elder Smith to meet basically all our investigators which isnt that much.. but yeah it took a little to get to see them. This coming week we hope we can pick up more. We need to get FAMILIES FAMILIES FAMILES! We will see what happens!

I have been keeping in touch with trenton sounds like he is in quite the culture shock haha. I can only imagine how big of a change it is.. he will get used to it though im sure. love that kid.

The fassbinders sent me a package so if you could thank them that would be greeeatttt! Ill send them a thank you card this week but you guys should thank them too :).

Mom dont worry about that packages haha its not a big deal at all! Really though dont worry about it. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me while I  have been out here. I know it was a HUGE sacrifice on all our parts. Even though im exhausted by the end of the day and that this mission is the hardest thing i have ever done I know we are recieving many many blessings :). I pray for you each every single day. I miss you and love you all sooooooooooooo much! I'll talk to you again next week! :) If my letters suck and are super boring.. let me know and ill see what i can do to improve them haha i dont wanna bore you guys to death :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!! peace dudes

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey family!

Hope everybody had a great Easter. Mine was pretty good. A member had us over for dinner so it was pretty fun. Definitely miss home during the holidays sometimes.. haha but thats ok.

Transfers are now here. I will be staying here and the new missionary coming in is named Elder Smith. If its the kid im thinking of then he came into the field with me. He wasnt in my district though so i have no idea what hes like. Elder TImberlake is headed to Woodland. Gonna miss that guy.

My week has been pretty good. You think I would have a lot to tell you guys but I dont.. :(I'm sorry haha) A lot of people have been out of town because of spring break. We met with Crystal the other day and she is struggling so bad with her family.. Its rough,  her step dad is an alcoholic and tears the family apart. She needs a different environment so badly. Our other baptismal date named Andy got evicted so we have no idea where he is.. haha freak. BUT we did have a sweet miracle the other day. We were walking and you remember Charlie? The Jehovahs Witness? Well we saw him drive by so we booked it and tried to find him in a neighborhood. We finally were able to find him after tons of running. He is doing pretty good he was so glad to see us. He told us the new place where he was living which is really close to us! But... we went to go see him and a guy said he moved earlier that day. Sooo.. were not quite sure whats going on. I hope Heavenly Father keeps placing him in our path because he really needs it.

We also found a less active that we were able to get to church on Sunday. She hasnt been to church since her teens. We have some members that are doing a really great job fellowshipping her. Its really exciting. We tracted into another less active and we noticed she doesnt have ANYTHING in here apartment because she lost it all in storage. So myself  and Elder Timberlake were out and about and found a nice couch that we hauled over there. that was sweet we put it on a shopping cart and pushed it over haha people were looking at us like what are they doing... but she was SOOO grateful. It was a really cool experience.

As far as investigators go its kinda the same. Well we did pick up a little family but we arent sure how legit they are. They are soooooooo busy and we meet again on the 12th. Her husband is a jerk she says and wont talk to us but her and her kids will. Hopefully things work out there   Gma and Gpa Thorne had some of the cousins email me that was sooo sweet! That meant a lot to me. Mom that reminds me i wanna see Grant do the dance :) haha i have seen that dance a lot. I miss everybody so much.

Yeah Mom I cant believe how many people are out on missions right now that I graduated with. Its so nuts. Its nice for me to know that..It kinda keeps me going sometimes. Especially today haha. Today I have thought about home quite a bit.. idk why its weird but yeah it will be fine no worries :) I just miss my favorite family ever thats all. :)

Well.. time for me to bounce my dudes. I love you all so much and I pray that you will all stay safe. I want you all to know how important this Gospel is.. We are in the final days. Its very important that we all pick it up. The Lord needs us.. I love you all so very much! Take Care! Elder Baller is out until next week!

View DSCN5221[1].jpg in slide show   This is a picture of from left:  Elder Timberlake Tanner, and Elder Bezzant a Spanish Speaking Elder Tanners mentioned before. They are at the Sacramento Temple.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Letter was actually one we received 1 week Prior to the last post I'm sorry I have been so Lame about posting his Emails on time.  Thank you all for your support!

Hello out there in sandy utah!!

Everything is going well for me just as usual. me and elder timberlake are doing great! our ward mission leader told us that the work here has been pretty slow for awhile but we are picking it back up. that was a big compliment for us ebcause we have been working really hard.

Sooo... the 17 year old twins brenda and esmiralda came to church yesterday!! that was soooooooo cool. im not sure if i told you guys about them but they are awesome. were not sure how legit they are with baptism but they wanna learn so much more. the young women were very welcoming for them that was soo good to see. we have an appointment with them tomorrow so we will see how they liked church and everything.

We were on exchanges but elder timberlake and the ZL had a great lesson with crystal. they ended up changing her baptismal date though just ebcause of smoking and she isnt quite ready yet. it was changed to april 20th a i believe.

We were on exchanges again and i was on the other side of vacaville and you guys remember charlie?? well we havent been able to find him yet but i saw his roommate so me and elder bezzant (spanish elder) ran over to her to find out where they were living and she just passed by just pissed off at the world as said they werent living anywhere and wouldnt stop to talk to us. sooo... we have an idea where he is at but were not sure. that was crazy seeing his roommate though.

We havent been able to meet with a couple of our investigators because they cancel or what not. But one of our investigators named korisha is in the hospital but as far as we know she will be alright. she really as the desire to learn more. i hope we can meet with her this week.

This week we get to go to the temple!! were going on thursday. also something really cool is that on sunday we have a stake conference and elder cook from the 12 is coming to speak to vacaville! the first couple rows are reserved for missionaries and their investigators so we hope we can get all our investigators there. its gonna be sooo coool! were also gonna be the ushers so im sure we will get to meet him.

The weather here is amazing. pretty freakin hot though when were out pedaling around. but some people are really nice and offer us water as we ride by. my bike is holding up great. that thing has so many miles on it its not even funny.

I met a guy the other day who went to the old jordan. he is like 48 or something. i cant remember his name though and i dont know where i wrote it down haha but i was gonna see if you guys knew him.

Zack left on wed??!! dang ill have to email that boy. i dont get to play soccer that much really.. on pday we play sometimes in the gym but not like legit soccer. i miss it so much.. ahha.

Thts nuts hearing all these people that are getting ready to go on missions. i cant believe how long i have been out.. almost 7 months. sooo crazy. everything is going great though! i feel so blessed to be out here at this time in the world. there is a reason i was saved for this time. i love my mission and i love you all so much. you have all blessed my life. im so lucky to have the best family and friends in the world. love you soooo much!!! take care and ill talk to you next week!! xoxoxoxoxoxox elder baller

Whats up fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E. Howell here in Vacaville library

So........ i get the feeling this is going to be a really boring letter.. haha nothing too many new things happened this past week. I hope thats okay for y'all. Just know that im doing great! Just doing the usual... which is missionary work if you didnt know.

The first thing i wanna talk about is the chance we had to hear from our Apostle Elder Cook! That was soooooo sweeet! We had an all mission conference in Santa Rosa. We all got to meet Elder Cook personally as we went into the chapel. It was sooo cool. He said a lot of great things that made me think about not only my missionary work but about my life. We also had him come to the Vacaville stake on sunday. That was nuts!! We had the first couple rows reserved for investigators and brenda and esmiralda showed up. The twins. The ward has been so good to welcoming them in and everything. They even went to Mutual this past week. They are sooo solid i hope they keep progressing its so sick. but anyway on sunday the stake center was PACKED! More than what ive ever seen in utah haha. we were the ushers and had to sit down hundreds of people. every single seat in that joint was filled. they had some intense security guards surrounding the service haha it was so nuts! it was a great service. Elder Cook talked a lot about the same things on sunday as he did on saturday so i got to hear like the same thing twice. It was overall just a sweet experience.

This past week we also went to the temple. We went to the Sacramento temple. I feel dumb because i have some pictures of this past week with the all mission conference and temple and what not but i forgot my camera cable.. its whatever though i guess haha. ill just have to send you some pics next week. i had a really cool experience in the temple though. i took in my patriarchal blessing (thank you for getting that to me) and i reread it and i received some revelation for my life. It was soooo cool! its amazing the spirit that you feel inside the temple.. its so special. my goal is to have all of us go together when i get home. that would be sickkkk! hit up tons of temples around our crib. that would be a good time.

We are still teaching the same investigators.. we didnt pick up anybody new. This past week was pretty slow due to the activities and everything going on. The only new thing is that Crystal found out how important prayer can be while she tries to quit smoking so we will see how that goes. she really needs the gospel so we hope she can stop...

There is actually an experience that i wanna share that happened today just before i came here. the bishop knows a kid that committed suicide and he wanted us to go to the funeral because there were gonna be tons of non members because it was a split religion funeral. that was super interesting.. anyway.. it was just such a testimony builder of life after death and the role of the book of mormon. there was a speaker that said "there is no proof of what happens after death" and that struck me. i know the book of mormon is true and that there are sooooo many people out there that have no idea about it or anything. There were a couple of other things that happened there that probably shouldnt be shared just for respect but the funeral was a testimony builder for me.

Thank you so much mom for getting me madis address. She sent me a letter that i got today. I cant believe she leaves this week.. thats nuts! Griffen leaves in August!!?? Whoaaaaaaaaaa dangggggggggg that is so nuts. I'll almost be at a year. See him in 3 i guess.. haha

I'll keep Grandma Howell in my prayers.. hope all goes well with her

Well I dont think i have much more to add. Everything is going great with me though! Transfers are next week so you will probably hear from me on Tuesday.. depends on what happens with transfers but it will probably be tuesday. Thank you sooooo much for all you guys do for me!! I love you all so much and pray for you each and every day. I dont think i need anything.. if i do ill let you know dont worry. LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Take care until next week! STAY SAFE OUT THERE! Peace homies

Well I dont think i have much more to add. Everything is going great with me though! Transfers are next week so you will probably hear from me on Tuesday.. depends on what happens with transfers but it will probably be tuesday. Thank you sooooo much for all you guys do for me!! I love you all so much and pray for you each and every day. I dont think i need anything.. if i do ill let you know dont worry. LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Take care until next week! STAY SAFE OUT THERE! Peace homies

Thank you so much mom for getting me madis address. She sent me a letter that i got today. I cant believe she leaves this week.. thats nuts! Griffen leaves in August!!?? Whoaaaaaaaaaa dangggggggggg that is so nuts. I'll almost be at a year. See him in 3 i guess.. haha


I'll keep Grandma Howell in my prayers.. hope all goes well with her.

Well I dont think i have much more to add. Everything is going great with me though! Transfers are next week so you will probably hear from me on Tuesday.. depends on what happens with transfers but it will probably be tuesday. Thank you sooooo much for all you guys do for me!! I love you all so much and pray for you each and every day. I dont think i need anything.. if i do ill let you know dont worry. LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Take care until next week! STAY SAFE OUT THERE! Peace homies

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey family!!

This past week was really good for us. We were able to pick up a few new investigators. We havent been able to hear from Charlie. He was evicted and were not sure where he ended up. He said that he would give us a call when he gets wherever it is he is going and we havent heard from him yet :(. Thats okay.. we will just have faith that he will eventually call.

We got in contact with Crystal that was really good. She struggles with smoking and all that crap so we talked to her about the word of wisdom. She says she wants to stop smoking, but she just loves it too much. She understood the importance of the word of wisdom. She said the closing prayer and she said "please help me overcome my addictions so i can be baptized." me and timberlake when we left were like no way.. she is legit haha. We are taking her on a church tour this week so she can start coming to church. We have a hard time getting investigators to church. Hopefully things start picking up.

I cant remember if I told you about these people last week but we have a family with a daughter named Victoria, mom named Korisha, and aunt named Charice. We had a really great lesson with Korisha and the first time we met her she said she wasnt interested in converting but after this lesson about the Restoration and Priesthood Authority she started questioning things. We told her about how families can be together forever and she said she believes she will see a family member in heaven . What we explained was very comforting to her. She has been sick so we havent been able to meet with any of them for awhile. I hope when we meet with Charice we can help her to understand the people in the church arent perfect. Because she believes the church is true but wont convert because she got offended. Victoria is just kinda chillin with the lessons. She will come around though eventually.

We had a lesson with Lee the African American without legs and he talked to us about our dedication. He said what do i need to do to become a mormon and be dedicated like you guys. His wife was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa did you just say hunny" (in her accent) she wasnt trying to be rude she just was shocked with what he said. She was kinda pushin him away during the lesson but we hope he will come around. Its hard with her though.. she is extremely nice to us though. We cant meet with him regularly because his health. We hope we can meet with him this week though.

There is a guy named Andy. I talked about him last week. He was the one about the prayer in the home. We were on exchanges but timberlake went and saw him and he is pretty solid. I will get to find out more about him sometime this week. He said hed come to church once he met with us more.

There are 18 year old twins that we have taught. They are just curious about Mormons. Not too sure about how legit they are about being baptized or anything but we will be able to find out more as we meet with them. Maybe eventually they will come around.

I cant think of any special stories off the top of my head. I have some good news though. We got new rules that we can now email family and friends! Hopefully it stays that way! I finally can start emailing everybody back. Glad to hear that your mouth is doing fine. I'll keep you in my prayers. Maybe send some pictures :)

I did not get Thornes package :( Sorry.. I feel bad I never got it. Maybe they have it in the office but idk. I will have to check around. I dont think its there though. Did she send it to the mission home?

Everything is great with me though! Just pushin along. Missionary work is tough not gonna lie.. but its worth it in the end. I pray for you all each and every day. Miss you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I brag about my family at dinner appointments sometimes :) its pretty much the best. Love you all soooooooooooooooooooo much!! Peace out until next week! Love your son, grandson, nephew, friend, brother, cousin whatever my relationship is to you. Buh Bye!